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Hardware support from Girl Friday We know from experience what is inside your machine and what makes it tick. We have resolved all kinds of hardware issues including:

Replacing motherboards, hard drives, batteries, sound and memory cards

From our first IBM 286 way back in the day, we have always been fascinated by the interior workings of computers. In the dark ages, if you wanted decent sound or graphics on your PC, you had to install a separate card on the motherboard. Most things come as standard now, but they do sometimes break, or become obsolete, and have to be replaced. We can do just that.

We know very few people who haven’t, at some point, dropped their laptop. The very fact that they are portable lends them to being dropped and bashed and, unfortunately, this can mean the broken screen of death. We had an instance where the whole diagonal left hand side of the screen was a multitude of different coloured lines. This rendered it impossible to use for obvious reasons, but the laptop itself worked perfectly well. Replacing a screen for a laptop is not difficult, albeit a bit fiddly. We would contact the manufacturer of your laptop to buy parts direct, ensuring the quality of the replacement part and that it will work once fitted.

Cabling and wireless networking

Cloud and wireless networks are popular choices today, but sometimes it is still appropriate to have a cabled network. We can come to your site and assess the best solution for your business, depending on a variety of factors.

Feel free to give us a call on: 01237 420417, or send us an email: enquiries@Girl-Friday-in-IT.com, and we can have a chat about what we can do for you.