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Software services from Girl Friday in IT
The software on PCs and laptops often prevents a machine from performing as well as it should, or has done previously. The main reason is often housekeeping. This can be in the form of:


After running some basic diagnostics on your machine, we can recommend the best steps to take to optimise your machine’s performance. This could be files that need moving, archiving or deleting, or potentially restructuring your filing system to enable faster access to documents.

Software updates

Like websites, programmes and applications need maintaining to ensure that they are compliant and up to date. There are new releases of software which will sometimes include resolutions to known security issues rather than simply offering enhanced features. We can manage this process for you.


Software downloaded from anywhere can contain viruses that can harm your machine. Some applications, including anti-virus software, can take up a wealth of the machine’s valuable resources, which can slow it right down. We can look at all this and make recommendations as to possible solutions.

Feel free to give us a call on: 01237 420417, or send us an email:, and we can have a chat about what we can do for you.

The impact of not managing software updates

Software support from Girl Friday
A client of ours recently had an issue with Sage Accounts. The client was running Windows 10 on a desktop machine and, after a recent update, he was unable to use his Sage Instant Accounts Software. Of course these things only happen when the VAT return is due. He spoke to Sage support but, as the software was out of warranty, they were unable to help. They passed him through to sales, who told him that the only option was to purchase an upgraded version of Sage.

The client runs a small business, so approached us to see if we could help. We ran through our diagnostics protocols and were able to solve the problems without purchasing the new software. It all works absolutely fine now – it had just got its knickers in a bit of a twist!